2nd Roll from the Recesky TLR

Just got the 2nd roll shot with the Recesky TLR (the plastic camera)*.  I almost buggered up the whole thing unloading the film in the photo shop, as it was I exposed the first 4 shots and they were ruined (and looking at what was left of them, I don’t think it was much of a loss).  The others came out ok, though.

As soon as the river gets this flooding thing out of its system, I’ll have a few more interesting things to be snapping. And hopefully the sun will come out a bit, too.

*The Recesky is a copy of the Gakkenflex camera, with a couple of very slight differences to maybe keep the legal types away.


4 thoughts on “2nd Roll from the Recesky TLR

  1. These are really gorgeous.

  2. thewondermya says:

    I really like your pictures, they made me feem some kind of nostalgia, sweetness of living and pretty romantic in the end. There was something in them that reminded me of a french lover… Thanks for sharing !

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