Back to the track

Due to circumstances, it’s been a few days since the last run. It might only be 4 days, but it seems weeks. Was I really the person daft thought to go running around the park in the middle of winter? Yep, that was me.

If the gap is too long, it can be a hell of a shock to the system starting running again, as I found this time last year when I had to stop for two weeks due to bronchitis. But this is only a few days, I should be ok. Except it’s freezing out there…

If I can survive running this week (in my shorts!) I am going to think of extending the run a bit. Or maybe a lot, and only running 3 times a week. I’ll see how I feel on Friday.



One thought on “Back to the track

  1. thewondermya says:

    Hi Andrew ! Any weekly challenge and bottle of wine ? Have a wonderful run !

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