Running Again (Again)

Bloody hamstrings.  I was up to running 5km at least three times a week by this time 2013, and 3km on the other days (but weekends off – I’m not a masochist!).  Since then I’ve had to stop running altogether for weeks at a time , sometimes months, because my hamstrings were killing me and I could hardly walk sometimes.

I’m back running again:  I ran twice in the week and felt a slight pulling in the hamstrings, but nothing too drastic. And I felt a lot better for it.  I’m hoping to run 2 to 3 km every weekday next week. I would have started maybe a week or two earlier, but my usual jogging route was under a metre of water, the river Severn had burst its banks.

I really miss not running, plus I was turning into a human-sized lump of lard, which is not a good thing.

Running Shoes

Running Shoes

(You might have noticed that this blog post does not mention cameras at all. This does happen fairly frequently, but I’m going through a film phase right now, hence lots of camera-related postings.)


(not) Running

Flooded Park

The Quarry Park in Shrewsbury

I have been trying to get back into running this year, after buggering up my hamstrings. Days like this don’t help: I usually run 3 to 5km along the river, and two lines of trees here next to the flooding River Severn are where my usual running route is.  It’ll be days before this goes down enough to run.

It floods a little most years, not usually this much. I’ll just sit here and get fat, then.

6km here I come

I’m thinking of extending my jogging route, to bring it up to 6km. At the moment it’s just under 5km, but on Friday I just kept going and ended up doing 5.31km. I felt like I could have gone on more, so next time, I will.

I am definitely feeling the benefits of two years of running, plus eating fairly healthy stuff (Christmas didn’t exactly help with the healthy eating, I felt terrible for a week after). I wish I’d started doing this years ago.

On the downside, my legs don’t look my own, I now have thigh muscles the size of armadillos, I hardly recognise them.

Replace this route with longer one? erm... ok

Replace this route with longer one? erm… ok

New Running Shoes


It’s come to the stage where the midsoles of my running shoes have had it, although the shoes look fine they are becoming uncomfortable to run in and aren’t shock-absorbing like they are meant to (If I start to get aches in my shins, then it generally means my midsoles are on the way out). This means a 4 miles round trip – on foot – to the nearest shop selling running shoes that I can afford. I’m sure the £200 running shoes sold in the ‘proper’ running shops are fantastic, but I’m not in that league financially.

Of course, once I get to the shop I have to find the actual running gear hidden amongst the replica football tops and leisure wear. I had to ask an assistant where the running shorts were, once. I couldn’t find them.

Luckily they had something in my price range, that was more-or-less what I got last time, except this time the luminous bits were orange instead of yellow. And reduced to £31, which was well within budget.  I tried half a size down this time, just to see, and it seems that 8.5 fits me better than 9, and certainly feels better to run in, although my feet look really small to me now.

Running Shoes on way out

I think these are on their way out. They’re not as comfortable as they once were, and it feels like the mid-sole is starting to fail. They’ve lasted me well, I got them back in January, and I’ve done 20 minute jog at least 4 times a week since then. That probably adds up to hundreds of kilometres.

I suspect Santa is going to give me some money towards a new pair…


New Jogging Route

New Route (from August 2012)

This is my new jogging route. I started it in August when the park was taken up with the Shrewsbury Flower Show, and I was fed up of dodging forklift trucks. I have extended the route all the way to the weir, so including the last 0.3km ‘warm down’, I am doing 5km. (The route is there and back, but I walk the last 3 minutes)

It’s taken me a while but I can do this in 12:33 (there) and 10:38 (back), which I’m quite pleased with.

If I wasn’t on my feet all day loading and unloading lorries, I’m sure I could do better. I’ll try next time I have a week off, see what I can do when I’m not so tired!


Apologies, this blog post concerns my underwear, so if you are of a delicate disposition you might wish to close your browser now. ( I’m not going to post photos, that would be going too far)

I’ve finally gone and got some Lycra running shorts. Don’t worry, they’re undershorts, I’m not going out running with everything on display like some exhibitionist runners you see about wearing tights and so on. I was getting fed up with the built-in briefs, so I cut them out, and am now wearing these under my shorts.

I hadn’t realised just how stretchy Lycra is – I’ve had a sheltered life, it seems – the shorts are really small, but they stretch loads when I put them on, so that’s ok.

They are much more comfortable than regular briefs because of where the seams are, and they are snug without being constrictive. I can also wear these under my tracksters when the weather turns colder (although I was running shorts when it was minus 3° last winter).  Most importantly, they only cost me £10.

lycra shorts next to my running shorts

my lycra under-shorts next to my running shorts- they stretch


Bad Form

I seem to have acquired some bad running habits, but I think I’m getting my form back now. Instead of landing just ahead of the heel and pushing off with my calves, I was… I don’t know quite what I was doing, slapping my feet down like a duck and pushing off with my knees or something. Whatever it was wasn’t doing me any good.

The other bad habit was getting into the mindset of having to run without stopping, which was preventing me advancing much. I have started with the run/walk/run/walk thing, which has enabled me to expand my route and get a lot more exercise.

Plus I have bought some nice new shorts. 🙂



I decided about a week ago so supplement my running/jogging exercise with some stomach crunches. I know what you are thinking – ‘crazy man! why not just sit at home in front of a DVD with a few beers?‘, and I’ll be honest sometimes I’d agree with you.

It has been so wet recently that running, even wrapped up warm and dry, would be so miserable as to be counter-productive. So I rooted around in the cupboard and found my old roller-exerciser, that works on the abdominals. I might not have been running, but at least I did something to get the heart-rate going and get a good sweat going.

I am averaging 200-250 a day so far, on top of the daily run. I feel good, although probably not as good as James Brown.