I’m reading… not very much right now

It’s weird, I used to read so much, all the time. At the moment, I’m quite good at not even finishing books. Here is a list of books I should be reading, but am not.

Naomi Klein ‘The Shock Doctrine’ – Over a third of the way through. I know why I haven’t finished this – it makes me so angry I have to put it down. I know I need to finish this so I can annoy people by going on and on about it and insisting they read it too.

(Started about 6 months ago, I think)

Truman Capote ‘In Cold Blood’ – I’m about a third of the way through this. Not as Earth-shatteringly good as I thought it might be.

(Started just before all the films came out. How long is that, 3 years? Jeez…)

Moore/Lloyd ‘V for Vendetta’ – I stopped reading this because there are so many things I ought to finish reading instead. Plus I don’t know how I feel about graphic novels.
(started 2 weeks ago)

Michael Palin ‘Hemingway Adventure’ – Started this because I wanted something ‘light’, am enjoying it. Don’t know why I put it down. It’s short and it’s got big writing, I have no excuse.
(started 4 weeks ago)

Peter Carey ‘True History Of ‘The Kelly Gang’ – I was really enjoying this, have no idea why I stopped reading it. Just picked it up and have discovered where my (Latvian) 2 Rouble note/bookmark has got to. I had been wondering.
(Started probably 5 years ago, when paperback came out)

Oh bugger, there’s more… I’m a chapter into ‘Confederacy of Dunces’ too, and Orhan Pamuk’s ‘Snow’, ‘Don Quixote’* and… no wonder I’ve got 40 books I haven’t even opened yet.

*Got an excuse for this – bookmark fell out quarter-way through, didn’t fancy starting this huge book again. Have since discovered I used post-in note as bookmark, place saved, yes!


One thought on “I’m reading… not very much right now

  1. Maxxy says:

    Awww man…I can no way multitask when reading. It’s a straight one at a time for me. I’ve just found 4 new authors ( well, new to me ), which I will start reading straight after my current book, Jeffrey Deaver’s The Cold Moon. I quite like a lot of Dean Koontz too. I seem to go for series characters, and then I have to read the series books in chronological order. I often take a wander round charity shops for books, maybe I’m just cheap skate !!! LOL

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