Be Careful what you say


The Saving Grace

Be very careful when leaving messages on the Facebook pages of friends. A couple of my friends have a band which will be playing their debut gig a week Saturday (27th september 2009). They’ve played in many local bands between them, so are guaranteed a good enthusiastic crowd,  and they are taking over a local nightclub for the night, with other local bands abnd DJs as support.

I made the comment on Facebook that they should record the show as it will be an historical document, (also I could film it on my camera and make a sort of rock promo, but I never got around to suggesting that). Someone else agreed with me about the historical import. I thought that was it. Just got an email from the singer saying I don’t need a ticket if I’m recording the show.

I’m What?

Bollocks, if I refuse to record them I’ll semm like a bastard, if I do record it, it’ll all go wrong. Great.

Oh, I just emailed them – they only want me to try to film it. That’s Ok then.


2 thoughts on “Be Careful what you say

  1. Maxxy says:

    I had to turn my Dad & Sis’ band down at the weekend. He always asks us to go along for support, and to record the gig with his recorder, and take pics. The missus hates them. In fact, she hates anything to do with my family + music. So we didn’t go. Now I feel like an arse.

  2. I’m starting to feel a bit like telling them to piss off – I was told they record the output from the desk anyway (they don’t), and without decent sound there is no point filming the band(bands, actually they think i’m filming the support, too)I might as well just take a load of photos, at least that way i have a chance of getting a few beers down, which i can’t do while holding camera…

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