Making a Band Promo without The Band

I’ve just made a short promo for my band Far Black Furlong, which was a bit tricky as no footage exists of the band. Actually, no photos of the band exist either. So I used trees instead.


A frame from the eagerly awaited promo

Anyway, I decided to make a really basic advert for The East Room ep, for that alternative universe where Far Black Furlong advertise on the television, and anybody gives a shit.

The main reason is so that if someone searches for us, something comes up, even if it is only 30 seconds long. I know 30 seconds isn’t a great deal, but it is a start. Actually no, the main reason is vanity, you’re just lucky my face doesn’t appear in the clip.

As soon as I manage to get it uploaded to YouTube, it will appear here (but the connection is playing up again – uploads always a problem).


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