Being played on the radio

It’s always exciting to get a song played on the radio, especially if you weren’t expecting it.

My old band Far Black Furlong (sort of chamber-classical / weird folk / drone / electronica) just got played on BBC 6Music by Stuart Maconie on his Freak Zone show. This is a national radio station, and a programme I listen to every Sunday, and I nearly fell of my chair when he announced the track he was about to play.


we are on this CD

It is a weird coincidence, as the band split up 3 years ago, but only¬† last week the pianist got in touch to discuss releasing some of the old stuff…


So Many Websites…

You can do lots of things on the web these days if you have a band. Maybe too many things. I am in a couple of bands, and am trying to maintain a presence on the internet for these bands. This turns out to require quite a lot of work. These are the sites I’m currently using for my band Far Black Furlong:

  • Myspace – obviously. Even though the design is pretty much broken and many sites are illegible, your band must be seen here.
  • Facebook – not a lot going on, but I need to keep adding new stories so it looks like we are still going.
  • Last.Fm – mp3s of all releases need to go here, and a biography, and album covers and so on. Quite handy, in that it shows you how often your tracks got listened to in the last week. By users, obviously.
  • Bandcamp – All songs go here too, and you can use it to sell your tracks (and physical product if you have it). You can embed the player widget for any track or album pretty much anywhere. Nice graphs to show you listen/visit/download stats.
  • Stereofame – This site is truly annoying, and is a hell of a system hog. It does get your music heard, though. There is a surprising amount of decent music on here.
  • ReverbNation – slightly annoying but very useful site. It keeps trying to get me to add live dates for the band, and we don’t (can’t, really) play live.
  • Blog – I’m using WordPress (the free version). Very useful indeed, very easy to use. Can embed widgets easily.
  • Soundcloud – another place to put MP3s for download or widgetting. Even the free version is very useful.
  • Jango – an on-line radio service. You can get your music played on there (for a price) and get access to the people who liked what they heard. Only just started this, don’t know how well it will work for my band. Seems to be working well so far.
  • Next Big Sound – gives you the stats for your band throughout the interwebiverse. They’re still coding the back end as far as I can tell, but it could be handy once it’s fully operational.
  • Artist Data – takes your blogs and tweets and re-posts them to all the other places. Slightly useful.
  • Twitter – I know it’s supposed to be the future of everything, but it’s pretty much impossible to generate new fans, or make money or do anything other than see what Stephen Fry had for breakfast. Can be entertaining – yesterday someone from Word Magazine thought I was a famous photographer. For about 3 seconds.
  • Youtube – so many sites do a video search for each artist page, so it pays to have some kind of video out there, just in case.

I don’t even know if that’s all of them, but I’ve got to keep on top of it all, keep them updated with stuff, talk to your fans. It’s good fun.

Making a Band Promo without The Band

I’ve just made a short promo for my band Far Black Furlong, which was a bit tricky as no footage exists of the band. Actually, no photos of the band exist either. So I used trees instead.


A frame from the eagerly awaited promo

Anyway, I decided to make a really basic advert for The East Room ep, for that alternative universe where Far Black Furlong advertise on the television, and anybody gives a shit.

The main reason is so that if someone searches for us, something comes up, even if it is only 30 seconds long. I know 30 seconds isn’t a great deal, but it is a start. Actually no, the main reason is vanity, you’re just lucky my face doesn’t appear in the clip.

As soon as I manage to get it uploaded to YouTube, it will appear here (but the connection is playing up again – uploads always a problem).