Spotify + Tim Buckley = Not Impressed

spotifyI finally got Spotify to work. I’ve had it installed for ages, but I was lucky if I could get it to even log in with my dodgy web connection (a USB dongle thing) Now they seem to have done something to sort out the signal, I tried it again.

And… it’s like using iTunes, just with a lot more music on it. I’m having difficulty getting excited about that.

I have plenty of music on iTunes at the moment, more than I could reasonably listen to in this lifetime, and I will getting some more in a couple of weeks.

buckley_2Anyway, I thought I’d see if they had any hard-to-get music on there. I first tried The Flaming Lips ‘Providing Needles For Your Balloons‘, and EP which has been out of print since the early 90s. Nope, haven’t got that.

I then tried ‘Starsailor‘ by Tim Buckley, which has also been out of print since the early 90s. I once had an import CD in my hands, but I didn’t have £18 on me at the time, so I put it back in the rack. Never seen a copy anywhere since (apart from Ebay).

It’s on Spotify, though. So I played it, all the way through, And you know what? It’s shit.


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