You weren’t in when we called…



These are so annoying.

In this instance I was expecting the parcel by normal postman (and so I could have collected it from the sorting office later if he’d called while I was at work) but no, he comes this morning. Also I was lead to believe it would take 3 or 4 days, not 1 day. They don’t even give you a chance, do they?

I could have asked the lass in the shop below my flat to sign for it – she’s really helpful like that – but shop doesn’t open until 11, the parcel people got here at 10:30. Which is JUST BLOODY TYPICAL.

Someone needs to come up with a better system, one that works. And they will become very very rich, and people will write songs about their achievements, and songs about not having to piss about for 3 days to get a simple box delivered, and then sit in all day waiting for the doorbell…


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