Memory Stick Overload



I seem to have a problem with memory sticks. I have too many of them. This photo is just of what I found on my desk just now, there are more lurking somewhere (and not all of the lurkers even work, and one ancient thumb-drive requires drivers installing which kind of defeats the object).

I don’t need them all, the novelty USB drive in the shape of a well-known brand of razor is just plain stupid (The boss at work had been given it by a rep, he thought it was just some kind of eraser, but then he is not very good with computer technology). The one I got free with a trial of The Economist acts strangely if I store more than 500MB on it. The silver Texet thumb drive only hold 256MB so is pretty useless, same with the white thing front left.

The others all hold either 4 or 8GB of data so they’re ok.  BUT WHY DON’T I JUST HAVE A CLEAR OUT? I could format these drives and then recycle them, or give them away. Or maybe sell the novelty one on Ebay.

I’m sure this is a bloke thing, this obsession with gadgets, and the hoarding of gadgety things. Such as having quite a few key-ring torches.* Another example: Somewhere under my bed a have a box of about a dozen USB leads, just in case…

*Not that I do. No. Not at all. I only have 6 or 7, and one day they will come in handy for something.

3 thoughts on “Memory Stick Overload

  1. Maxxy says:

    Conversely, I don’t have enough of them. Actually, maybe that’s technically inaccurate. I don’t have enough of the right size drives. A little while ago I bought 2 x 32GB drives, and copied all our photos onto them. 7 years worth. one I kept, one I gave to mother-in-law to keep at her house. I now need a couple of 64GB drives for photos, and I could probably do with a 128GB for video stuff. I have a buffalo mirrored drive, but if someone ever decided to break in, I’m sure that would be one of the things that would walk. Plus the laptop. The bigger drives are obviously really expensive, but then, how does that compare with the loss of 7 years worth of photos and video ?? – We don’t ever really print photos these days do we ?? – and data is so easy to lose……

    • that’s a lot of data. 128GB for photos? that’s a lot 🙂

      • Maxxy says:

        only 64GB for Photos, but x 2 so I can leave a copy at mother-in-laws. And I’m not sure 128GB would be enough for video. I’ve got 2 cards in my video camera, 1 x 4GB and 1 x 32GB, so that 36GB each time I have to dump a full camera down. But as said, I have about 7 years worth of photos stashed on the lappy, and I have an awful habit of lobbing my Canon on sport mode and rattling off a dozen pictures at a time in the hope of getting one decent picture, but of course I very rarely delete the more shitty ones. Guess that means I have 7 years worth of a lot of crap too……DOH !!!!!!

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