Rap: Slightly disappointing live experience?

I went to see Goldie Lookin Chain a couple of days ago – fun is hard to come by here in Shrewsbury, grab it where you can – and it was pretty good fun. (And the beer was cheap – £2 for Grolsch.)

But… the live experience of seeing rappers isn’t nearly as exciting as seeing a band. This is mostly a visual thing: talking/shouting into a mic doesn’t look nearly as dynamic as someone playing drums, or as interesting as someone playing a particularly tasty guitar solo.

Rappers can do the following: Wave arm(s) about / Jump up and down / jump up and down while waving arm(s). That’s about it. If the PA isn’t clear enough for you to hear every word – it wasn’t here, although it was pretty good – you’re really not going to be getting the optimum experience.

GLC try to get around this by having a lot of people on stage at once, all jumping up and down and waving their arm(s) about.


2 thoughts on “Rap: Slightly disappointing live experience?

  1. Maxxy says:

    * waves arms about crazily in a mad rapper stylee * ” Your mother’s got a Pe**s ”

    ( sorry – don’t know what came over me )…

  2. wow – that’s *exactly* what it was like!

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