I don’t normally do new year resolutions, but am thinking there are a few things I could do this year. I am compiling a long-list.

1. Practise the saxophone at least once a week. I’m not going to get any good playing every 6 months.

2. Play the guitar at least twice a week. Shouldn’t be problem.

3. Read some books, like I used to. There are loads of unread books on my shelves.

4. Listen to the radio. This is related to #5. BBC 6Music for preference.

5. Have at least 2 evenings per week where I don’t turn my PC on at all.

6. Shave every day not twice a week. This is mostly just to see what it’s like.

7. Tidy my room, and keep it tidy. partly connected to #8.

8. Throw some stuff out. Clothes, crap, stuff. I don’t need it all.

9. Plan meals, and stick to the plan. This should save money, and I might get vitamins or something.

10. …

This is just a starter, I could do all of these. I should do all of these. Number 8 is a one-off, so it’s not even something I have to do all year, just the once.


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