We’re all getting old

clock2redSomeone called me as I passed the bus station today. At first I thought he was calling someone else – you do, don’t you? – and then I thought he was maybe a friend of my brother. I had to ask him.

He was in my year at school. Once I knew who he was, from certain angles I could see his 14 year old face. If I hadn’t got his name I never would have guessed.

Age hadn’t particularly got at him, but he looked a hell of a lot older than I thought I was. And he is the same age as me. Fuck, I’m on the brink of being old. Kill me now.


One thought on “We’re all getting old

  1. Maxxy says:

    It does have a habit of creeping up on you. We had auditors at work the other day, and they were asking if we found it distracting with our cameras defaulting to the room we’re in ( which means we get to see ourselves on the screen like ALL the time ). I said I was really upset with the person who edits the video in real-time, as he obviously keeps painting in this pink patch at the back of my head. It’s very annoying. I mean, I know I’m destined to be bald, my grandad is, my dads almost there, so I guess its inevitable, but I didn’t think it would start when I was this young. AND my clothes keep shrinking. They don’t make washing machines like they used to…..

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