Not Very Rock’n’Roll…

It seems that Shrewsbury council is trying to kill local live music.

They seem to be closing down all the live venues, one by one, except the new theatre. and the theatre doesn’t really ‘do’ rock music. If you look at the shows they’ve got booked, it all seem to cater very well for the over 50’s, especially those who don’t like modern rock music.

spandauorangeRock music is put on in the park, but that is usually 80’s package tours or Jools Holland, nothing that’s going to upset anyone. They even had the cheek to tell Spandau Ballet to turn it down after 9:30 as it was a bit loud. I don’t much care for the band, but I can understand them saying that if that ever happens again, they will walk off stage. I would.

The main reason for venues losing the live license seems to be ‘noise’, meaning ‘we don’t like your filthy unkempt young-person’s noise’. Although, strangely, it seems than any pub can play live televised football (or rugby) matches on a big screen with 50 beer-crazed fans bellowing and shouting. And probably starting a fight afterwards. That’s ok. Just not people playing guitars, that would never do.


2 thoughts on “Not Very Rock’n’Roll…

  1. Maxxy says:

    I think it’s a sign of the times. One of my Dad’s bands ( they play 60’s stuff to like old people, so its not as if they’re at all loud !! LOL ) keeps getting bookings cancelled. Mostly just because the pubs especially can’t afford to pay the bands anymore. Cheaper to pay for sky and broadcast footie matches than pay £200 a week to bands.

  2. The World’s going to hell it is, young people these days, etc…

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