Stupid stupid stupid branding

crossfireSanDisk Cruzer Crossfire 8GB”? What a stupid name for a flash drive. What kind of idot would buy a drive because it is called ‘Crossfire‘?

The brandname ‘Cruzer‘ is bloody stupid for starters – run the fucking spellcheck next time guys – and redundant as ‘Sandisk‘ is already a brandname.   But ‘Crossfire‘? Dawkins wept.

How is ‘Crossfire’ sexy? And I say ‘sexy’ as this is obviously aimed at people who get turned by guns. Or is this so you can chat up women with the line “I’ve got an 8 gigabyte flash drive…. and it’s called the Cruzer Crossfire…“, because that will impress them.

I really despair sometimes at the names given to products, for the most part pretty meaningless and totally unrelated to the thing itself. I have seen toothbrushes labelled as ‘professional‘  – as if you can get a job brushing your own fucking teeth. (I’d do that, where do I apply? ) The world would probably be a much better place without these marketing idiots.


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