Biscuit Bonanza

hobnobsIt is phenomenon often commented upon that if something is incredible cheap, you will often buy it even if you don’t really need it. This often happens in the January Sales. It happened to me today when I saw some double packs of Hobnobs for 50p. There were 4 packs left, so I bought them all. 

Does that make me a pig?


7 thoughts on “Biscuit Bonanza

  1. sherby57 says:

    It makes you human. I don’t think a sane person would be able to resist such a tempting offer. Not even Jesus, and he was renowned for resisting stuff.

  2. Who’s to say what would have happened if there had been Hobnobs in Jesus’ time. Chocolate Hobnobs especially. He would probably have resisted them, but we’ll never know for sure will we…

  3. Maxxy says:

    It only makes you a pig if you sat and ate all of them in one sitting. If you shared them it makes you sociable, if you refused to share them, it makes you antisocial, if you gave them away it makes you charitable, and if you got someone to test them first, it makes you paranoid. Hope that helps clear things up a little 😉

  4. i haven’t even opened them yet, which is unusual for me.

    although i did give my brother a pack (he was feeling a bit ill – possibly swine flu-ish – and i thought he needed cheering up)

  5. sherby57 says:

    If there was HobNobs in Jesus’ time then the course of Christianity would be very different. There already exists a biscuit-based religion as it is:

  6. i saw that one – it was the biscuit religion i voted for. how are you finding it on a day-to-day basis?

  7. sherby57 says:

    I’m not fully committed to it yet, although it is currently the leader with 75% of the votes (3 votes), I’m giving it sufficient time for the others to have a fair crack at the whip though.

    I hope it wins though…all those lovely biscuits!

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