My writers block is dead

I have booked a week off work, and have decided to make music. More than that,I have decided that I’m going to play the guitar every day, and try to see if I could kick-start my songwriting. I wrote a couple of songs April 2011, but otherwise I’ve not been able to write anything for a couple of years now.

Well the songwriting is going really well so far – 3 songs in 3 days. My singing is bit crap as I’ve got a bad throat, but these are proper songs with middle-rights and everything.

I’m feeling quite positive about my music now. I nearly posted a rough movie of me singing one of the songs, but it really is a bit too rough for public consumption. And the singing is a bit wobbly in places.

It’s a confidence thing, I think: The more I write, the more confident I am in writing, so the easier it is to write… etc. Let’s see how long I can keep that feedback loop going.






I’m fed up of writer’s block. I was hoping to spend my free afternoons (I work an early shift) and alcohol-free evenings (I’m spending January ‘dry’) productively. I am going to read, write (maybe) and make music. It’s not going to plan.

Maybe it’s the insomnia, or maybe I’m just out off practice, but I’m just not getting any ideas right now.

At least when creativity strikes, I’llĀ  be ready for it…

(… He said, trying to put a positive spin on it…)

Writer’s block – Gone?

It’s probably bad luck to even mention this – but since I don’t believe in luck or any other superstitious mumbo-jumbo like that I’m going to go right ahead – I think my writer’s block is over. This has been in effect for probably about a year, give or take the occasional song that has popped out (there were 2 in January) and I feel like it has finally gone.

I can’t really put my finger on what changed. My friend Rob played me a chord progression last week that he thought would make a good song, but not for his current band The Saving Grace because it just wasn’t rock enough. Or it was too ‘nice’. Some similar reason.

Anyway, I was strumming away at the acoustic guitar just last night, unusual in itself, when I thought I’d give these chords a go. I changed a couple of the chords, added a couple, wrote something where I thought the chorus might go, and as if by magic 2 hours later I had a song. Which I would post a link to here if my upload speed was enough to get anything bigger than an email uploaded.

Anyway, I’m starting to feel a bit more like a human being again.