My trainers are dead, long live my trainers



I think the pain developing in my ankles/knees is due to my running shoes being dead.  This happens too frequently for my liking, but I’m getting about 200 miles of running in them, so it’s not too bad (the average is 300 miles, apparently).  It seems that the midsole, the shock-absorbing part of the shoe, will not last as long as the rest of it.  I’m not spending silly money on them – £50+ is excessive, I think. I’m not training for a marathon here.

The upside is that I get to have new trainers every 4 months, and although they are no good for running any more, they make for very comfortable shoes for mooching around the house.  I’m thinking they might also be pretty good for the beach, as they will dry out quickly. The other upside is the my joints won’t start to hurt.

So those are my new ones in the photo at the front, and  my old ones in the box. Not sure about the colours, but a little more visibility can’t hurt, can it?