The Saving Grace “You’re Not Alone”- Live

Live version of song (originally by The Enemy) from about half-way into the gig (26th Sepetember, Severn Cellars). This features extra footage shot by Jamie on his N97, and he was a lot closer than I was so it makes for a slightly more interesting film.

For some reason, the minidisc behaved itself, leading me to suspect that it’s only the loud stuff that gets it upset, probably low-frequency vibrations. Or complete coincidence.

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‘Unbreakable’ by The Saving Grace

So many things went wrong for me shooting this gig, I am so glad that some of it worked…

This was the final song, that’s why Paul’s voice is buggered.

They played for at least an hour, so there will be more songs in the coming weeks.         

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One down… many to go

Right – that’s one song finished. That song being The Saving Grace playing ‘Unbreakable’, which runs to almost 10 minutes.  The audio wasn’t quite as tricky as I thought it might be – where the minidisc glitched, I filled the hole with audio from the camera (which sounds like a Yeti in a wind-tunnel). It kinda works, though.

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The editing starts…

I am now starting on the editing of the debut gig by ‘The Saving Grace’. I hope to have it finished by the end of the week, please gods. The footage isn’t the problem, getting the audio to work with the footage is going to be the problem.

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Things that went wrong…

My list of things that went wrong with filming the bands:

  • Trying to get leads out from under my bed, I caught my watch strap and broke one of the small metal spring-loaded things that keep the strap on
  • I get there at 6pm but don’t really need to be, so have eaten only half of my tea…
  • …And the jumper I’m wearing is to warm for the venue, but it’s all I’ve got
  • The promoter is going to let me use his camcorder – but it is broken
  • Batteries got loose in my rucksack
  • 4GB memory card doesn’t work in one of the cameras
  • There is nowhere safe to keep the laptop while the gig is going on…
  • …So I have to run home to fetch the minisdisc recorder
  • There is no way to plug the minidisc recorder into the mixing desk
  • Forgot to bring spare minidisc, so had to record bands on ‘long play’ quality
  • Forgot the mini tripod for the microphone
  • Forgot to change batteries before The Insults start – they run out half-way through
  • Change filming position during TSG set, find it’s not as good. Can’t return, as someone else has taken my spot
  • Lose the CD cards from the second camera sometime
  • The minidisc is getting stuck on playback, either the disc is buggered or the deck is broken
  • There’s more, bound to be, I just don’t know what it is yet…

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The Saving Grace – Interview

An in-depth interview with the members of notorious rock band called ‘The Saving Grace‘, where my aggresive – yet subtle – interviewing technique reveals the hidden depths of these depraved troubadours.

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‘Writings On The Wall [Spookydirt Graffiti Mix]’ by The Saving Grace

   (5345 KB)
Listen on posterous

This is a remix of the ‘Writings On The Wall’ (demo) by The Saving Grace. The remix is by Spookydirt.

The demo was just a guitar/vocal thing, but the full-on band explosion promises to be hairy-arsed rock (or similar). I will let you know at the weekend once they have played their debut gig.

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Working on a remix

I’m working on a remix for my friends in The Saving Grace, one of the semi-acoustic demo’s I recorded for them a couple of months back.

Have a listen on the player above, let me know what you think.

I think the strings at the end are going, or at least getting seriously messed with, before this is finished.

New career as movie director?

It seems I might have a new hobby.

A couple of weeks ago I ‘accidentally’ made a music promo for the band The Saving Grace, and now it seems they’d like me to make another.

I jokingly made a suggestion – when I first recorded demo’s for them a month or so ago – that we could shoot a ‘one-take’ video in The Quarry (Shrewsbury’s riverside park) for a budget of pretty much nothing, using my 8megapixel Fuji camera (which has a basic movie function). And now it seems that this may happen.

I don’t know which song they want to do or anything like that, but it should be interesting, mostly because for editing software I will be using Ableton Live (which is actually music software) and Windows Movie Maker (which is rather basic, to say the least).