Rising Damp, part 2

Some water, yesterday

This is going to get worse before it gets better, and it can get a lot worse than this.  Not so easy to go running through this, or even take a shortcut to Asda.

Cleared out the setting on my old N73, and using that as my camera now. So I am carrying around 3 mobile phones now.


New career as movie director?

It seems I might have a new hobby.

A couple of weeks ago I ‘accidentally’ made a music promo for the band The Saving Grace, and now it seems they’d like me to make another.

I jokingly made a suggestion – when I first recorded demo’s for them a month or so ago – that we could shoot a ‘one-take’ video in The Quarry (Shrewsbury’s riverside park) for a budget of pretty much nothing, using my 8megapixel Fuji camera (which has a basic movie function). And now it seems that this may happen.

I don’t know which song they want to do or anything like that, but it should be interesting, mostly because for editing software I will be using Ableton Live (which is actually music software) and Windows Movie Maker (which is rather basic, to say the least).