It Lives! (my PC that is)

Finally got the PC carcass (that was kindly donated) up and running, would have been a lot sooner if for one thing: I wanted an exact clone of my existing PC, same settings, programs, partitions (all 8 of them*), etc.  And it wasn’t much fun. A clean install of XP would have been over and done with in under an hour, but the idea of re-authorising all of my (paid) software was more than I could bear…**

Since my PC was an Athlon XP 3000 (ask your Granddad) it was really struggling to do the things I was doing – making music, editing movies, etc.  This ‘new’ one (which is not all that new) is at least twice the speed, and so far runs like a dream.

Next time, there won’t be a next time – I’ll just buy a new computer.



*I have separate partitions for Documents, MP3s, VSTs, Music recording, etc. It makes it easier to back things up. In theory.

**Luckily, quite a lot of the software doesn’t realise it’s on a different hard drive in a different machine, and it didn’t need re-authorising at all.


If you love somebody, send them FREE (things)

I find it quite distressing that many software companies have special offers on at this time of year – where do they think I’m going to get the money from? – on products that I really, really want. One company is offering a buy one-get-one-free on sampled instruments, and I’d rather like both the Gamelan and the E-bow sample sets. Except they’re £50 each. I don’t have £50 right at the moment. Don’t they know there’s a Christmas on?

I much prefer the other approach: Give things away. There’s some pretty good, or at least interesting, software being given away this year. Ohm Force have given away a weird synth instrument that I don’t seem to be able to control properly, if indeed you are meant to be able to. I nearly bought this several times of the past couple of years, so I am quite pleased. East/West are giving away a cut-down version of their orchestra plug-in, which normally costs hundreds of pounds. Wasn’t expecting that, am almost giddy with excitement waiting for that to download*. Cakewalk have made some of their more elderly VST effects freeware. Native Instruments have given us more presets for the free Kore player, and I will overlook that one of the patches crashes Ableton Live every time I try to load it; it’s the thought that counts.

That’s what we want at this time of year – free things.

*This may not actually be true