Song-a-day #3

Song-a-Day #3*:   This took ages to write. In fact, it’s not even the first song I wrote today. I had a really nice chord progression and melody going first thing this morning, then had my breakfast, by which time I couldn’t remember the tune. So I had to start again, fresh chords changes and tune. I think the first one was in 4/4, this is in 6/4.

Although the singing is quite lugubrious in places, it’s a fairly upbeat song lyrically. I have no idea why. I’ll probably be back to my normal dirges by the end of the week, don’t you worry.


*I’m trying to write a song every day this week (I’ve got the week off) and record it and upload it. I’ve done this before with Ok results, and I seriously need to kick-start my songwriting mojo before it atrophies completely.


My writers block is dead

I have booked a week off work, and have decided to make music. More than that,I have decided that I’m going to play the guitar every day, and try to see if I could kick-start my songwriting. I wrote a couple of songs April 2011, but otherwise I’ve not been able to write anything for a couple of years now.

Well the songwriting is going really well so far – 3 songs in 3 days. My singing is bit crap as I’ve got a bad throat, but these are proper songs with middle-rights and everything.

I’m feeling quite positive about my music now. I nearly posted a rough movie of me singing one of the songs, but it really is a bit too rough for public consumption. And the singing is a bit wobbly in places.

It’s a confidence thing, I think: The more I write, the more confident I am in writing, so the easier it is to write… etc. Let’s see how long I can keep that feedback loop going.



What I did in 2011, Part 4 – Open Mic

It had been suggested that I take my fantastic musical talents (sic) around the local pubs for years. For some reason, this year it actually happened. I don’t know I waited so long, my playing is pretty rusty now and my singing worse, but five years ago I was probably singing and playing the best I ever had. You will have to take my word for that, there is no evidence now.

I did three open mics, one a week. And managed to get some of my friends to capture these historical occasions on camera. come 2012, I will start again, with fresh songs and hopefully better singing.

This is the first song I did, at the first open-mic. It doesn’t come across so well, but I was crapping myself.