Recesky self-assembly Camera – the saga continues

What was in the box

What was in the box

I got the camera built in about an hour, that was good fun – I enjoy building things.  I tested the shutter (looked through the back while clicking) and noticed it only worked properly about 50%, the rest of the time it got stuck open, or stayed open while my finger was on the trigger, both would have lead to massive over-exposure of the film. I thought it might improve with use, as it loosened up.

Building the camera

Building the camera

It did the opposite.  Plus, the film ‘counter’ wasn’t counting. It doesn’t actually count, the wheel just goes around to show that you’ve advanced the film by one frame. Well, it wasn’t doing that, even. A quick search later, I find that both are common problems. After a bit of further digging and some experimenting of my own I solved them.

This one should not be over-tightened

This one should not be over-tightened

  1. The Shutter: Don’t over-tighten the spring-loaded thing between the shutter and the round thing that turns when you press the shutter release thing. It should be just tight enough to do the whole shutter thing and no more. Try to get this right first time, I had to take the camera apart to fix this, and snapped a couple of things off that shouldn’t be snapped.
  2. Film Counter: Squeeze the case on the back at a point halfway between the film advance winder and the ‘counter’. This seems to work. I’ve had to waste a film to play around and discover this, but as it was only from the pound shop anyway, it doesn’t matter that much.

The viewfinder looks surprisingly bright for something that requires no batteries, but not sure how much use it is with the focussing.

Viewfinder (doesn't photograph very well)

Viewfinder (doesn’t photograph very well)

Next: Monday morning, I shall buy some new film and set out to shoot a test roll! (I’d do it tomorrow, but I’m working)





The Nightmare/Adventure Begins…

I’ve just taken delivery of DIY camera – a Recesky TLR. That’s right, I’ve got to assemble it myself. When I clicked ‘buy’ a couple of weeks ago, it seemed like a fun idea, but now with dozens of plastic bits all over my bed, it is starting to look like a very silly idea indeed.

I’m quite good with instructions (my lego-fixated childhood not a complete waste, then), if only there were some in the box (it says on the front there are instructions enclosed!) although if there were they’d most likely be in Chinese anyway.

Luckily someone has made some intelligible instructions in English with pictures so I think I’ll be ok! (Although the instructions aren’t strickly speaking for the same camera…)