No Post, kind of

I wasn’t going to post, but then posting this post is posting, isn’t it?

I’ve had  a pretty good run of nearly 3 months of daily posts, and I thought I was going to hit my stride, regain my writing mojo, etc. didn’t happen, did it?

I’m going to try just writing when I think I have something to share, not just random stuff. Might not last, though…


Going AWOL


Rubbish Clipart

It’s not often that something goes AWOL in the post. I’ve been buying CDs from the Web for about 9 years, and only 1 thing didn’t turn up. (Well, it did turn up eventually about a week after the free replacement disc arrived.)  I’ve just had a CD go missing in the post, and it was only posted in UK, still not here after over 2 weeks.

The record label very kindly sent a new one without any bother – and included another CD in the pack too. Who says customer service is dead?