A Good-looking Camera

I have decided I need a new camera. My old Fuji seems to have died after number of years of excellent service. It was ‘only’ 8megapixels, but I got loads of really good shots with it. I am most  likely camping/beaching with my friends this summer, so I’ll need one by then.

I know there’s a camera on my mobile phone¹, but a dedicated camera will be better than a mobile phone². So, I am on the lookout.

But after a couple of hours looking a review pages of just 3 cameras I am tearing my hair out trying to make sense of the technical specifications and everyone’s conflicting opinions of image quality and so on . So I think in the end my choice will come down to which is the best looking camera.

Kodak m200

¹ My old-old Nokia N73 still works, and I have taken some brilliant shots with that. I could use it without a SIM I guess.

² Cameras are designed to be held while photos are taken, phones are designed to look sleek, which can be a problem.