Saxophone! Don’t Kill The Piglets!


This will not come as news to my neighbours, but I have started to play my saxophone again. It is one of those instruments that only works at loud volumes. Luckily for them, I don’t have enough strength in my jaw to play for more than five minutes before the muscles give up and it sounds like I’m murdering piglets, and I have to stop.

I am teaching myself to play, so it’s taking a while, and i hadn’t picked it up for almost a year before last week. I am slightly put off by just how loud it is, and that everyone in a 2 mile-radius can hear the squeaks and howls when it goes wrong.

The saxophone might look fiendishly complicated, but it’s not nearly as bad as it looks as if it might be. But it’s hard enough.


Why is everything so LOUD

This post was not prompted by me getting old and thinking everything is too loud, it’s prompted by the fact that every other time I go to the pub, I have to shout to make myself heard.

They might be doing for the following reason: People who are talking can’t actually be drinking, so if the music is so loud they can’t talk we’ll sell more beer. Which sort of makes sense, with the flaw that if the music wasn’t so loud I would be in the pub more often and they’d sell more drink that way.

They whole point of going out with your friends is to chat with them, not just stand in the same room as them while drinking. If you take that away, I might as well look at a photo of my friends while drinking tins from the off-license.