Going Booze-Free

It seems all the rage now, giving up alcohol for January. This is my second year of doing it. Only one of my friends tried doing it, but failed due to peer pressure and a couple of birthdays.

There are a number of reasons I put myself through this:

  • Save money (I’m usually pretty overspent after Xmas, every little helps, etc)
  • Health (I usually feed like crap after Xmas, after eating all that fat instead of my usual chickpea-rich diet)
  • A challenge (It’s a habit , dropping a beer or 3 in my shopping basket)
  • Sleep (I wanted to eliminate booze as a cause for my insomnia)

Results? I saved some money, I lost some of the weight I’d put on in the past couple of months, I’m getting better at not making impulse purchases (except for vintage film cameras, obviously!) and I can’t decide whether booze affects my sleep or not (yeah, crap conclusion I know).

No Booze

No Booze!


Detox – Physical, Mental

For my mental, physical and financial well-being I am giving up the following for the month of February:

  • Beer  (I’ve changed my mind about this one)*
  • Wine
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Cheese


And that’s the other thing: I struggle with insomnia at the best of times, but alcohol seriously impairs my quality of slumber. I’ve even found that a pint and a half of ale, or less, can give me a disturbed night leaving me to wake when the alarm goes off and stumble around like a confused zombie.

Cheese? I’ve been overdoing the cheese. Just because it comes in large cake-sized slabs doesn’t mean I have to eat it like cake. No, seriously, it doesn’t.




*I’m tired, insomniac, and I haven’t eaten any cheese – of course I need beer.

Song #24 ‘Insomnia’

I started this song yesterday – the music, at least – and was so tired I had to go to bed at 8PM.  It originally sounded a bit like Calexico, but I’ve lost most of that vibe now, sadly.

The string thing at the end was a right pain, something in the mix is out of tune – I suspect the guitar – which means that everything sounds slightly wrong. I almost had English horn on it, but I was getting tired and a bit bad tempered and thought it was probably a bad idea. I did piano, though.


You haven’t missed #23, I have just been unable to finish it.  I suppose it is now disqualified from the Song-a-day club. *sad face*.

Going dry

I am giving up alcohol for the month of January. It’s not like I am drinking a bottle of wine every night or anything like that, but after the orgy of over-consumption that was Christmas (and the three weeks it took to finish eating everything) I felt as if I should give my body a break. (I am also cutting down on cheese and chocolate biscuits).


The are also other considerations: it will save me £20 or so a week, which I can put towards buying other things, or even save (!). Also I’m interested to see if it has any effect on my insomnia, as I suspect the demon dink is missing about with my sleep. And I have noticed that if I have settled down with a couple of beers, I am unlikely to be motivated enough to do anything constructive, like make music, and I intend to make lots of music this year.

It’s going ok so far, I’ll let you know how I feel at the end of the month.