Running Again (Again)

Bloody hamstrings.  I was up to running 5km at least three times a week by this time 2013, and 3km on the other days (but weekends off – I’m not a masochist!).  Since then I’ve had to stop running altogether for weeks at a time , sometimes months, because my hamstrings were killing me and I could hardly walk sometimes.

I’m back running again:  I ran twice in the week and felt a slight pulling in the hamstrings, but nothing too drastic. And I felt a lot better for it.  I’m hoping to run 2 to 3 km every weekday next week. I would have started maybe a week or two earlier, but my usual jogging route was under a metre of water, the river Severn had burst its banks.

I really miss not running, plus I was turning into a human-sized lump of lard, which is not a good thing.

Running Shoes

Running Shoes

(You might have noticed that this blog post does not mention cameras at all. This does happen fairly frequently, but I’m going through a film phase right now, hence lots of camera-related postings.)


Pinhole Photography (early attempts)

One of my more recent camera purchases has a neat feature: you can take the lens off and use it as a pinhole camera. Photos taken like this have a dreamy look to them, or sometimes surreal.  These are my first shots to be developed (apart from 2 on a previous roll that didn’t come out that well).

Flooded Park #1

Flooded Park #1

These were taken in the Quarry Park in Shrewsbury, where the river Severn has burst its banks.

Flooded Park #2

Flooded Park #2

I get confused sometimes which shots were pinhole and which were normal, as I can change from shot to shot with this camera. Generally the focus on shots taken with the lens look sharper, but I can’t always tell…

(not) Running

Flooded Park

The Quarry Park in Shrewsbury

I have been trying to get back into running this year, after buggering up my hamstrings. Days like this don’t help: I usually run 3 to 5km along the river, and two lines of trees here next to the flooding River Severn are where my usual running route is.  It’ll be days before this goes down enough to run.

It floods a little most years, not usually this much. I’ll just sit here and get fat, then.

Today’s run: Possibly a bit damp


I love living in Shrewsbury, but it does have its downside. Every time it rains in wales, we flood. This buggers up my running route, as it mostly goes along the river.

This week I have mostly been running circles around the park. It’s not quite as much fun.

Rising Damp, part 2

Some water, yesterday

This is going to get worse before it gets better, and it can get a lot worse than this.  Not so easy to go running through this, or even take a shortcut to Asda.

Cleared out the setting on my old N73, and using that as my camera now. So I am carrying around 3 mobile phones now.

Running: Rising Damp

It is all very well having a nice running route that goes along the river through an avenue of lime trees. Except the problem with rivers is, they flood. So my normal route is partly submerged at the moment, as the river has risen by a couple of metres.

I can use most of the route – maybe 90% – but it goes into the town more than I’d like, and my route normally avoids busy traffic.

Assuming the river doesn’t rise any further, i have modified the route (and run it this afternoon). It is now slightly longer and it doesn’t go so near the traffic except the first 50 metres. It is not a there-and-back path, although I prefer a circular route, but beggars can’t be choosers, etc

If the river rises by another metre or two, there will be a problem: I will need to completely re-think the whole thing.


Another 2Metres and this will be underwater!