2nd Flight

I only got it last week, but I think I might be watching the second season of Flight Of The Conchords again soon. I thought the 1st episode wasn’t quite so good, but then it quickly picked up with such quality songs as ‘Too many dicks on the dancefloor‘ & ‘Sugar lumps‘.


I liked that the other characters got a bit more to do – Dave is especially funny – and more new characters are introduced, such as Brian the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

From what I hear, it’s unlikely they’ll be doing a 3rd season, which is a shame, but I’d rather that than get something sub-standard.


I love ‘Flight of the Conchords’

I really do love this show. Every few years a comedy comes along that could actually have been made especially for me – ‘Father Ted‘ being probably the last one. ‘Flight of the Conchords‘ is the latest.


DVD cover

What do I love about it? The way the gags are underplayed so you might even miss them the first time you watch, the way no-one is being zany or wacky to get their laughs, the surreal edges to it, the characters who seem to get funnier the more you get to know them.

The thing(s) I love most of it, thought, are the songs. Comedy and music are often best kept away from each other – I recently picked up the first Tenacious D CD , and I’m glad I didn’t spend much money on it, cause it really is very poor. I can’t imaging anyone listening to it all more than about twice, and that includes the people who made it. The Conchords music, on the other hand, gets better the more you hear it. ‘Ladies of the World‘ (to pick one not quite at random) is not only a fine send up of the lover-man style of funky music, it is also a very well written song. And it is very well performed.

Anyway, I have season 2 on pre-order and the week I’ve got to wait is killing me – one of the downsides to not having a TV…

Music Amnesty – update

WarningWell the plan was to put my Emusic subscription on hold for 3 months while I had a really good listen to the hundreds of albums I have already. Maybe I might rip a few more unfairly ignored CDs into iTunes and give them a damn good listening. Also, this might save me a bit of money. This plan seems to have gone badly wrong. Since I started the music amnesty, I have bought the following:

  • a 3 CD Sinatra set (!)
  • World of Fox ‘Everything is for the best’
  • Michael Brook & Djivan Gasparyan ‘Penumbra
  • Kent ‘Du Och Jag Döden
  • The Soundcarriers ‘Harmonium
  • Flight of the Conchords ‘Flight of the Conchords
  • Kent ‘The Hjärta & Smärta EP
  • Phoenix ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’
  • ‘Wilco [The Album]’
  • ‘Information Inspiration 3’
  • ….and so on. I think there’s another 3 or 4 but I’m bored with typing

Now it looks to me that this plan isn’t going too well, although I must say these are some of the best albums I’ve bought in a while. I think the Emusic subscription kicks in later this month, changing everything, unless the prices have gone up – there seem to be big changes coming along at Emusic.

Music catch-up plan already gone awry

This was the plan…

Stop buying new music by a) not buying any music b) putting my Emusic subscription on hold for 3 months


Flight Of The Conchords: Rather Good

Already a) has failed – I saw the Flight Of The Conchords album for £3, and simply had to download it. It’s very good, as I suspected (I already had ‘Ladies of the World‘, and played it to death), even if it doesn’t have ‘Frodo, don’t wear The Ring‘ it’s still pretty damn good.

b) has gone to plan, so far.

If there was ever a c) – there wasn’t, but maybe should have been – it has failed. I suppose c) would have been ‘don’t acquire any more music if you can possibly help it’. Paste Magazine are feeling the crunch a little at the moment and have solicited donations to keep the good ship Paste afloat until this financial storm has passed. The incentive here was 75 rare MP3 FREE to whomever donated. I barely realised I’d done it, before I knew what was what I was confirming a small donation from my Paypal account… come on – it was 75 FREE MP3s!!