Random Camera Bits

Random Camera Bits

Random Camera Bits

I saw some random camera bits on eBay the other week, bidding starting at £10.  It wasn’t completely obvious what some of the things were, but some of them looked useful – the small lens hoods looked like they’d fit my Voigtlander Vito B cameras.  There were a few filters in there too, and a rangefinder, surely some of these would be useful. So I put a bid in.


No-one else bid, so I won the lot.  Some of the stuff is useful, some not…

  • Small lens hoods: both 30mm and I need 32mm! No use to me at all!
  • White shutter release cable: not bad at all, that’ll get used
  • Black shutter release cable: broken, not repairable
  • Monocular: Seems to work fine. Do I need one? Not really.
  • Rangefinder: Numbers are almost too faint to read, but it works.
  • Light Meter: Works ok I think, although it’s designed for old, slow film types
  • Leather-covered box: Catch works, no key, but great condition (except strap has perished)
  • Filter Glass 31mm: I can use these with filter holder
  • 42mm Filter: Or is it a lens? Not sure what it does, fits 3 of my cameras
  • Close-up Filter: Can use with 2 cameras (or anything accepting Series VI)
  • Small film Spool tin: No use for film, but tin could be handy
  • Filter Pouch: Ok, I could use this. Probably won’t.
  • Small Metal Thing: It has small thread and large thread, no idea what this is!
  • Filter Box: A disappointingly empty filter box. Am using it to store a filter.
  • Drawstring bag for telephoto lens: If I ever buy a tele lens…

The weird thing with the numbers on it and an eye piece is a kind of exposure meter, which as it has almost no moving parts, is still in working order. The numbers on the rangefinder are almost too faint to read, but it works.

The small black lens hood unscrews to fit the filter glass, I’d never seen one like that before. So I bought one that fit my cameras and now I can use the filters, and there is less to mess about with when taking photos as filter and hood are one piece.

It was a bit risky buying a collection like this, which is obviously the seller having a bit of a clear out…



Ebay. At Long Last…

I don’t know why it has taken me so long. I have using the interwebnet for over a decade now, and it was only yesterday that I bought my first item from the well known online auction site Ebay.

image Not quite sure why it took me so long, maybe I was scared that if I wasn’t careful unscrupulous sellers would trick me into selling my soul for the price of a slightly scratched Meatloaf CD.

I nearly bought myself a rather nice Creative Labs MP3 player for about £13 (inc. postage). You know, to go with the 3 MP3 players I already have. But this one is slightly smaller and has a lovely colour screen. And I can view photos on it, because I desperately need to view my photos at all hours of the day or night. Don’t we all?

I am starting to worry that I’m going to go mad at some point and buy something totally stupid and/or expensive. Or something that I already have, just in a different colour. Or smaller.

Finally getting to grips with Youtube

Youtube is always there, it has always been there. In Web terms it is elemental. Like rocks or the ocean, or something. Ebay too (Difference is, I never use Ebay, never quite know what I’m doing, what pitfalls exist to trap the unwary. And there are many, so I hear. And anyway, I can’t be bothered).

So, Youtube. Two things have happened: My USB dongle connection seems to be so much better these days –  watching online video is actually possible, and I have started making my own movies. If you make your own movies, you need to find them a home, so that other people can see them and say “what is this shit? are there no hilarious cips ofcute kittens falling down the stairs while chasing a spider?!!“.

So I am trying to set up my Youtube ‘channel’, edit my tags, try to view statistics about my video which I can’t do because only 40 people have watched the wretched thing, and pick which pretty colour the page is. I am also trying to remember which clips I have seen that I want to add to my favourite list, in a vain – and futile – attempt to make me look cool.

Like this one, by Spoon: