Today’s run: Possibly a bit damp


I love living in Shrewsbury, but it does have its downside. Every time it rains in wales, we flood. This buggers up my running route, as it mostly goes along the river.

This week I have mostly been running circles around the park. It’s not quite as much fun.


baguetteI love baguettes, but I forgot all about them for so long.

Ok, they have their downsides – they’re not the easiest thing to fit in your shopping bag, and they go rock-hard if you don’t eat them within 5 minutes – but on the whole the French are to be applauded for this invention.

So this is my plan: Get up early tomorrow, go down to the supermarket, buy fresh (still warm!) baguette and a big lump of Edam, then go home and eat it all while reading the paper. That’s a fairly simple plan, but it is very civilised.