Tomato Update


Yard full of plants (mostly onions)

My plants seem to doing pretty well – I thought for a while they were all going to die. I lost 3 of my 4 baby tomato plants, but the 4th is the one front left in the photo, and that is doing very well indeed. The damp weather seems to have discouraged the aphids, which is good.

If you’re wondering about the growbags – why aren’t they flat? – apparently the tomato roots like it this way more, and you get bigger plants. This is what I hear anyway. Plus it’s a lot harder for the slugs to get at them.

That mass of green stuff at ground level is onions – they will soon be ready to dig up with any luck (and I will have loads of ’em!)


John Martyn is dead


'Solid Air'

John Martyn is dead. Now I’m a bit upset about this. And on hearing this – late it must be said, I hadn’t had the radio on all day so I didn’t find out until about 11pm – I did what probably a lot of people did: I played ‘Solid Air’.

If you haven’t heard this, you are in for a treat when you do. Martyn is often tagged as  ‘folky’ , which he is sort of, the instruments are folky. Usually. But sometimes he’s almost ambient, his acoustic guitar fed through an Echoplex and drifting into waves of sound, his voice a slurred mumble, another instrument.  At other times, notably on the raging reworking of the blues ‘I’d Rather Be The Devil’ , the music is a propulsive funk. ‘Glistening Glyndebourne’ is an ambient guitar masterpiece. You simply must go now and listen to the album ‘Solid Air’ , as it is genius.