Camera not (completely) broken

Diana Mini

Diana Mini

It looks like all is not lost with my Diana Mini camera. Although I managed to snap the shutter lever off a couple of weeks ago, I think this camera is usable. Good job I didn’t throw it away or buy another one.

I had one of those mad moments when I dismantle something with precision screwdrivers, and then when I’ve got a pile of tiny screws and springs (some of which are somewhere on the floor now), realise I have no idea how they went together, even though I was telling myself that I was being really careful and observant… This time was different, I managed to put it back together so it worked, or at least was only as broken as when I started.

There’s no hope for the shutter lever, I could try super-gluing it, but I don’t imagine it would last very long. I did manage to loosen the cable release mechanism enough to get it working, though. You can’t gently squeeze it and expect the shutter to trip, you have to use a bit of pressure and speed, but at least it’s not going to give you camera shake like the stiff lever was prone to do. So… it works, and I can take photos with it. Result.

I just need a slightly shorter cable release, now, so I don’t look quite so silly using a release cable on a tiny plastic box.


New Camera, Old camera

I finally got that new camera to replace my old broken one, my final choice made for me by Asda putting up the price of choice B by £15. So this Fuji Finepix AV150  isn’t a bad deal, a 14 mega pixel device for £30. Can’t argue with that. I can also shoot HD video with it.

I decided to give my old camera one last chance, so put the fresh batteries in it just to check. And it WORKS. So I didn’t need  a new camera anyway, just needed to get some fresh alkaline batteries (and not bloody own-brand batteries, never again). So there’s nothing wrong with it, except the lens cap is broken.

But still, I’ll be off camping with my friends this summer, so my new camera will come in handy.


Life without a watch



If a watch doesn't tell the time, is it still a watch?

The strap came loose and the watch made a loud BANG as it hit the tiled floor. I didn’t realise until later, that it  was no longer working properly, the hour hand advancing about half an hour before springing back to where it had been. I was stuck perpetually between 10:45 and 11:15, with no hope of escape.

So this is my second day of feeling slightly lost and bewildered, cut adrift in the oceans of time. I can get clues from daylight/darkness etc, but unless I dig out my mobile I have no idea what time it is. Its a good job I’m not working these few days, I’d be missing important stuff like tea breaks and the end of my shift.

I don’t know what I’d do if forced to live like this for any length of time, the low-level stress would no doubt build and build until I actually exploded.

New (cheap) watch should be with me tomorrow morning, and I  can get back to normal.