inside the curry house

I should eat out more often. We’ve got some nice curry restaurants in town, not too pricey. And love curry.

It was one of the gang’s birthday this week, so the plan was go eating. I had deliberately starved myself all day* and I still struggled to eat the giant vegetable biryani (and I made the mistake of having sag paneer side dish too) even though I am big pig and eat pretty much anything placed in front of me. I even had to leave some of it, which is unheard of.

I think I’m going to make effort from now on of having a curry every week, even if it’s a take away.


*well, that’s not strictly true, although it was my plan. supernoodles aren’t strictly food, are they?



I’m 39 at the moment, but some time soon – March 17 to be exact – I will be 40.

birthday cake with candles People have started to ask me what I am going to do for my 40th. My first instinct will be to run away and hide, although that’s not too practical in the long-term: How long would I hide for? How does one hide from a number? Where would I run to to escape this number?

I don’t like parties all that much. I think it might have to be a big meal somewhere for all my friends, and another for all my family.

Or I might just stay in bed that day and order some slippers and cardigan on the internet.

Let me eat Cake!


Mmm... cake

It was my birthday yesterday, Dad & Jean got me a box of these beauties (I wasn’t a complete pig – my brother got a couple) and a box of Belgian chocolate truffles (I was a complete pig – I ate about 90% of them). And a nice coat, but you can’t eat coats.

Special mention for Amanda & Nigel who drove over specially to give me my birthday beer. Cheers! (And  no, I wasn’t up the pub on a Tuesday night, that’s just asking for trouble).