Being played on the radio

It’s always exciting to get a song played on the radio, especially if you weren’t expecting it.

My old band Far Black Furlong (sort of chamber-classical / weird folk / drone / electronica) just got played on BBC 6Music by Stuart Maconie on his Freak Zone show. This is a national radio station, and a programme I listen to every Sunday, and I nearly fell of my chair when he announced the track he was about to play.


we are on this CD

It is a weird coincidence, as the band split up 3 years ago, but only  last week the pianist got in touch to discuss releasing some of the old stuff…


Falling in love with 6Music – again

I’m falling in love again with radio. I’ve still been downloading the BBC Radio4 comedy podcasts, but I’d pretty much stopped listening to live radio.

Gideon Coe, DJ

Gideon Coe, DJ

The main reason for this is George Lamb. Some people love him, some hate him, I think he’s an irritating pain in the arse. Unfortunately, I’m more likely to be listening to the radio in the morning, and he’s on in the morning. And since I only listen to BBC 6Music, and Lamb is a DJ on that station, you can see where the problem may have come from.

Anyway, the past couple of days my evenings have been spent listening to the marvellous Marc Riley, followed by the even more marvellous Gideon Coe. Both play a pretty varied spectrum of music, although Riley has a tendency to play The Fall a fair bit, possibly because he once played guitar in the band. Both are pretty amusing in a dry way, and more importantly know and love the music they play. What more could you ask for in a DJ?

This stuff would never survive on a commercial station – god(s) bless the good old BBC!

Jean-Claude Vannier

We all like a bit of prog-rock, right? Concept albums? And we all love 70’s psychedelic orchestral funk? With choirs? In French?


Jean-Claude Vannier

Of course, the answer to all the above questions is yes. I bet your music collection is bursting with stuff like that. Well you’re going to have to make room for one more. I’ve been listening to Jean-Claude Vannier’s ‘L’Enfant Assassin Des Mouches’* (which of course translates as ‘The child assassin of the flies’), and it is mental, and I think you’re going to have to buy it.**

It apparently tells the tale of a boy who finds his way into the kingdom of the flies, kills the King Fly (hope I’m not spoiling it for you) and then at the end… I’m not sure what happens at the end, my French is a bit crap. The plot doesn’t really matter, it’s almost all instrumental, with mad sound effects.

If you want an idea of roughly what it sounds like, listen to ‘Melody Nelson‘ by Serge Gainsbourg – Vannier did the bonkers arrangements for that album (and for other Gainsbourg stuff, so I hear). What do you mean you haven’t got ‘Melody Nelson‘? Ok. It sounds like early 70’s orchestral psychedelic funk, with big choirs going ‘ooo’ and frazzled fuzz-tone guitar and the weird French bass sound that goes ‘thunk’. And maybe a bit of jazz in there too. Rather good stuff.

* Probably
** This is yet another wonderful album i have discovered by listening to Stuart Maconie’s ‘Freak Zone’ on BBC 6Music, a radio show I cannot recommend enough)

What is the matter with people? (AKA just how much money do these people think everyone else earns?)

Now this has really got me annoyed. The BBC website has investigated just what constituted a big salary these days – and they say the median average is currently about £25,000 – read it here.

Money£25K  is quite a lot more than I am ‘pulling down’. What has got me quite angry is the comments people have left at the bottom. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t read the comments at the bottom of webpages, it’ll will just get me annoyed, but i wasn’t thinking, and before I knew it there was steam coming out of my ears.

One of the comments claims that it is impossible to live in the south-east of England for less than £60K – – “... At £100k you might just have a reasonable house, a newish car and one foreign holiday a year for you and the kids…“. What fucking planet is this man on?

Another claims that “..According to them I’m in the top 10% but I am broke? My partner, a child minder, earns enough to also put her in the top 10% but she is broke…” You should bear in mind that the top 10% of wages is just shy of £45,000. And the hell do you get to earn that kind of money as a child minder? Who is paying their babysitters this kind of stupid money?

The one question that needs asking and damn well needs answering is: Why do the rich bastards fail to see just how well off they are? Do they realise there are people out with income of £5000? Or is it that they just don’t fucking care?