#17 – Too Late

Here is song number 17  in a never-ending series of songs and things I’m making at a rate of one a day.  I need to re-do the singing, I was running out of time and didn’t get chance to rehearse properly. Might be proper harmonies next time.


This is one of the best ‘band’ recordings I’ve made/faked so far, I think having real bass helps the sound (and I think my playing is coming along, slowly).  I wrote this on the Wurli electric piano, which is unusual, I normally write on the acoustic guitar, which I didn’t even touch for this song).



no.14 ‘Tiny Pieces’ (demo version)

#14 in my make some music every day project. I had one half of the groove, and nothing more, for about two hours, wondering what to do with it. It seemed another chord might be a good idea. There was a much better melody to start with, but by the time I came to record it, I couldn’t quite remember it.

This is first time in ages I’ve played my bass guitar, should do it more often. Maybe this needs electric guitars, not acoustic. Too much piano.  Otherwise, I’m quite happy with this, a good combination of song and groove.

This is one I think I’ll go back to next week, and re-do the vocals. And the mix.

(When I do the vocals properly, I might try making a proper video to go with it. Maybe. you know, one that’s in sync and everything).