6km here I come

I’m thinking of extending my jogging route, to bring it up to 6km. At the moment it’s just under 5km, but on Friday I just kept going and ended up doing 5.31km. I felt like I could have gone on more, so next time, I will.

I am definitely feeling the benefits of two years of running, plus eating fairly healthy stuff (Christmas didn’t exactly help with the healthy eating, I felt terrible for a week after). I wish I’d started doing this years ago.

On the downside, my legs don’t look my own, I now have thigh muscles the size of armadillos, I hardly recognise them.

Replace this route with longer one? erm... ok

Replace this route with longer one? erm… ok


New Jogging Route

New Route (from August 2012)

This is my new jogging route. I started it in August when the park was taken up with the Shrewsbury Flower Show, and I was fed up of dodging forklift trucks. I have extended the route all the way to the weir, so including the last 0.3km ‘warm down’, I am doing 5km. (The route is there and back, but I walk the last 3 minutes)

It’s taken me a while but I can do this in 12:33 (there) and 10:38 (back), which I’m quite pleased with.

If I wasn’t on my feet all day loading and unloading lorries, I’m sure I could do better. I’ll try next time I have a week off, see what I can do when I’m not so tired!