no.14 ‘Tiny Pieces’ (demo version)

#14 in my make some music every day project. I had one half of the groove, and nothing more, for about two hours, wondering what to do with it. It seemed another chord might be a good idea. There was a much better melody to start with, but by the time I came to record it, I couldn’t quite remember it.

This is first time in ages I’ve played my bass guitar, should do it more often. Maybe this needs electric guitars, not acoustic. Too much piano. ¬†Otherwise, I’m quite happy with this, a good combination of song and groove.

This is one I think I’ll go back to next week, and re-do the vocals. And the mix.

(When I do the vocals properly, I might try making a proper video to go with it. Maybe. you know, one that’s in sync and everything).


All I want is a mic/camera screw thingy

How hard can it be to find a camera to microphone stand screw thingy? It’s a simple request.

All I want to do is use my microphone stand as a camera tripod, so I dont’ have to have yet another bit of kit cluttering up my living space, and don’t have to spend all that money on one. You’d think somewhere on the internet – Ebay would be an obvious place to start – there would be some for sale. But no.

I can get one like this pictured for only £1.99. Although the postage is $43.

There are two sizes of thread for cameras: 3/8 (for big cameras) and 1/4 for small cameras. I have a small camera. Guess what size all the adaptors are, go on…