Me and my guitar

Andrew Cotterill is in his late 30s and lives in Shrewsbury, UK. He doesn’t really have a beard-thing, that’s just the way the stubble looks on that photo.

When at the job he doesn’t really like all that much, he listens to loads of music and plays songs on his guitar. He spends far too long on the computer doing stuff like this.

Well, actually he doesn’t spend any time playing songs on his guitar any more, and feels really weird about that fact, he’d like to play his music but the music is just not there anymore.

He read loads, newspapers, magazines, books, cereal boxes, etc.

He uses Twitter a fair bit, but isn’t sure why, or why anyone else uses it either.

He has recently started making short ‘films’ on his camera (not even a proper camcorder!) and puts them on the c-dogg.com website for people to not bother looking at. Oh, and most of em are on yuotube too.


One thought on “Who?

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

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