Probability-based Ambient Space Music

I record a lot of music using Ableton Live, I like the fast workflow and the ability to play loops and build up a track without having to commit to a structure first. The other thing I like doing is using the probability functions of the loops.

Normally when a loop plays to the end, it will start playing again from the beginning. If there are more than one loop on a track, you can set the probability that it plays a different loop, plays this loop again, plays the first loop in the set, etc. This is a good way to introduce variation into more programmed music styles.

I tend to use it for ambient music, having some loops shorter than others (to build up unusual meters) or empty loops (to add patches of silence on the track). The effects aren’t always obvious, but they make the track less repetitive. Sometimes it sounds horrible, and needs tweaking.

This is one I did over the weekend, I’m not sure if this is the best example of the probability thing, but it’s all I’ve got right now.



One thought on “Probability-based Ambient Space Music

  1. Hi Andy, Had to wait till I had earphones with me to listen to this. Lovely.

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