We Have A Winner!

I don’t normally win things. I can count on the fingers of one hand the things I have won in a competition. I once won a case of Smirnoff Mule from a competition in the back of a copy of GQ someone left on the train (That was a long time ago, I don’t think you can even get it any more).  I won a copy of ‘Trainspotting’ (on VHS) with the very first edition of the now-defunct film magazine ‘Neon’, back when ‘Trainspotting’ was new. And just before Christmas I won a lap steel guitar on facebook.

A lap steel guitar is one played flat across the legs (or on a table) and you generally use a lump of metal – the steel – to fret the notes. It is commonly used in Hawaiian music, country (not to be confused with the pedal steel), and also in blues and rock.

All I did to win it was to click on a ‘enter the competition’ thing on Facebook. I’m normally wary of these, suspecting they are mostly used to harvest your email address to send spam to. Anyway, I got an email saying I’d won it, spent twenty minutes checking it was a genuine thing (paranoid, moi?) and then replied ‘yes please how soon can you send it me!!!’ (or similar).

You might notice from the video above that it appears to be surfboard shaped, and that my bedroom isn’t very tidy. You’d be right on both counts.




2 thoughts on “We Have A Winner!

  1. Of course you’re a winner. You rock. Why aren’t you famous yet?

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