Sabrina, or My First Experiments With B&W


My adventures in film has now taken me into the realms of Black and White. Both rolls have come back a bit on the dark side, but that seems to add something. I hope.

This is a statue in the park of Sabrina, a nymph who drowned herself in the River Severn. This statue is in the landscaped part of the Quarry park in Shrewsbury.  I shot this with my Voigtländer Vito B*, which I am starting to think is my favourite of my rapidly growing camera collection.

I thought the mark on her shoulder was a problem with the scan or even the negative, but I’ve taken more or less the same shot with a couple of cameras now – that is on the statue.

My 2nd black and white roll was infra-red black and white, so it looks quite a bit different. I’ll post some of them as soon as the negatives uncurl enough for me to scan them.

*the 2.8/50 with the large viewfinder, using Kodak TX400


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