New Running Shoes


It’s come to the stage where the midsoles of my running shoes have had it, although the shoes look fine they are becoming uncomfortable to run in and aren’t shock-absorbing like they are meant to (If I start to get aches in my shins, then it generally means my midsoles are on the way out). This means a 4 miles round trip – on foot – to the nearest shop selling running shoes that I can afford. I’m sure the £200 running shoes sold in the ‘proper’ running shops are fantastic, but I’m not in that league financially.

Of course, once I get to the shop I have to find the actual running gear hidden amongst the replica football tops and leisure wear. I had to ask an assistant where the running shorts were, once. I couldn’t find them.

Luckily they had something in my price range, that was more-or-less what I got last time, except this time the luminous bits were orange instead of yellow. And reduced to £31, which was well within budget.  I tried half a size down this time, just to see, and it seems that 8.5 fits me better than 9, and certainly feels better to run in, although my feet look really small to me now.


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