New Jogging Route

New Route (from August 2012)

This is my new jogging route. I started it in August when the park was taken up with the Shrewsbury Flower Show, and I was fed up of dodging forklift trucks. I have extended the route all the way to the weir, so including the last 0.3km ‘warm down’, I am doing 5km. (The route is there and back, but I walk the last 3 minutes)

It’s taken me a while but I can do this in 12:33 (there) and 10:38 (back), which I’m quite pleased with.

If I wasn’t on my feet all day loading and unloading lorries, I’m sure I could do better. I’ll try next time I have a week off, see what I can do when I’m not so tired!


2 thoughts on “New Jogging Route

  1. Maxxy says:

    Man that looks quite a distance. Looks too much like hard work. However, the missus got me to buy a rowing machine at the weekend. Took it out of the box last night and built it. I’m planning to get on it next week………then one day I guess I might have to move it back and fourth !!! LOL

    • the trick is to do slightly more each day, until you are running a decent distance. It doesn’t seem that far to me now.

      Rowing Machine? that sounds like fun, all the exercise with none of the weather! I’d be interested to know how you get on with that, always fancied getting one, but nowhere to keep it.

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