Apologies, this blog post concerns my underwear, so if you are of a delicate disposition you might wish to close your browser now. ( I’m not going to post photos, that would be going too far)

I’ve finally gone and got some Lycra running shorts. Don’t worry, they’re undershorts, I’m not going out running with everything on display like some exhibitionist runners you see about wearing tights and so on. I was getting fed up with the built-in briefs, so I cut them out, and am now wearing these under my shorts.

I hadn’t realised just how stretchy Lycra is – I’ve had a sheltered life, it seems – the shorts are really small, but they stretch loads when I put them on, so that’s ok.

They are much more comfortable than regular briefs because of where the seams are, and they are snug without being constrictive. I can also wear these under my tracksters when the weather turns colder (although I was running shorts when it was minus 3° last winter).  Most importantly, they only cost me £10.

lycra shorts next to my running shorts

my lycra under-shorts next to my running shorts- they stretch



One thought on “Lycra!

  1. hemingwayrun says:

    I bought some a few weeks back, I think they’re great! (I wear them for running, too!) 🙂

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