Cardigan Bay Coastal Path

I went camping at the end of July with my friends – yes I know there has been a large gap in blog frequency, no idea why – and it was great. As the booked camping date approached, weather went from dismal and extremely wet to scorching sunshine on the day we got there. Luck, I guess.

We were based in Llangrannog, 9 miles south of New Quay. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Wales now has a footpath all the way around it, most of it along the coast. (The bit where is borders England, mostly following Offa’s Dyke is obviously not on the coast either. That would be silly)

From the coast at Llangrannog, you can turn either left or right along the coastal path. I’d investigated using google/bing maps, and it looked really interesting. The maps didn’t really give an accurate idea of just how hilly the walk was, for every mile you probably walk up or down about half a mile. It’s all good exercise. That’s what the photo above is, Llangrannog from about a mile and half north (you can’t see Llangrannog, it’s in a valley about halfway up the photo).

Llangrannog Beach

Llangrannog is just out of shot, to the right.

You can (just about) see the path in the photo above, following the edges of the cliffs. The previous photo was taken at the distant point at the top left of this shot.

I have this crazy idea to try to walk the whole coast of Wales sometime soon if it is all this good.


2 thoughts on “Cardigan Bay Coastal Path

  1. Maxxy says:

    Looks really nice…..We were in North Devon last week doing some walking. First time out with my new rucksack. The kind you can put a small child in. ( no no no, you sit them in the top, not stuff them inside and zip it up……..although……. 😉 ) – wonderful invention, means we can go anywhere with the girl now. HOWEVER, had someone told me how freaking heavy it would be to carry a 10KG kid + 3KG pack + few KG “stuff” – I’d have given it to the missus to carry. Underlines how incredibly unfit I really am. Thought I was going to have a coronary at onw point !! LOL

    • haha I’ve made that mistake, friends’ small child asks for a donkey ride, and you think yeah no problem, but about 20 steps with a small child on your shoulders and your knees are screaming ‘oooh myyy god stop this torture!!!’ …

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