New Project – Doomed to Failure

I’ve had this crazy idea for a project. well, not crazy at all really. Next to where I work they’re throwing up a Premier Inn (cheap town-centre hotel sort of thing), and I thought ‘Why not take a photo every day, then stitch them all together in a time-lapse film?’  So I am doing.

Early mistake: Shooting from too low down, so I can’t properly see what’s going on. I’m now going up to 5 level of the multi-storey carpark to get the shots. Depending how high they build it – they might decide to stick a couple of extra floors on just for the hell of it – I might have to go to the very top of the carpark just to fit it all in.

Of course this sort of thing works best if all photos are taken from the same angle, which since I’m using a point-and-shoot without a tripod isn’t happening.  If this doesn’t look like a dog’s dinner when it’s finished, it’ll be up on Youtube eventually.


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