‘Kraken Mare’

Just released a new track (more ambient space music) – can be played in widget above – should be on iTunes/Amazon/Spotify/Emusic soon.

17 minutes on the moon Titan, a musical journey through the sinister and alien environment. The track is made of 3 stages: Kraken Mare, Mayda Insula and Rohe Fluctus.

I’d done these pieces a few weeks ago, and then I saw ‘Wonders of the Solar System’ (the one with Prof. Brian Cox in) and really enjoyed the one about the moons of Saturn. And that inspired me to name these stages after features of Titan.


6 thoughts on “‘Kraken Mare’

  1. Pixieguts says:

    Wonderful. I listened twice, didn’t want it to end.

  2. Maxxy says:

    BAH !! – Can’t see the widget from work. They block everything useful. I’ll have to have a listen when I get home. How easy is it to release stuff to iTunes / Amazon etc… ?? My 3 tracks should be finished at the end of the month, but although they are essentially my tunes, there are so many other people involved, I’m not sure of the process involved in getting them released like that. We’ll see when they are finished I guiess……

    • it’s pretty easy, you could try https://www.onerpm.com/#/about/mission (I’ve only just found them, might be using them for future releases) otherwise CDbaby is good ($15 including the barcode) also Tunecore (but there is renewal fee for that every year). I’ve used both those in the part, so ask any questions πŸ™‚

      • Maxxy says:

        Cool – I’ll be sure to check that out. Sent you a mail to your “online” address ( put info before it, hope that finds you without being binned ) – it’s a link to Going Home that we’re doing in the studio. It’s almost complete, just needs a proper mixdown. See what you think….

  3. weird, i can’t see the widget either!

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