I decided about a week ago so supplement my running/jogging exercise with some stomach crunches. I know what you are thinking – ‘crazy man! why not just sit at home in front of a DVD with a few beers?‘, and I’ll be honest sometimes I’d agree with you.

It has been so wet recently that running, even wrapped up warm and dry, would be so miserable as to be counter-productive. So I rooted around in the cupboard and found my old roller-exerciser, that works on the abdominals. I might not have been running, but at least I did something to get the heart-rate going and get a good sweat going.

I am averaging 200-250 a day so far, on top of the daily run. I feel good, although probably not as good as James Brown.




One thought on “Crunch!

  1. Maxxy says:

    I need to do crunches. I need a machine that can work on me while I sleep. I did start doing crunches, and side crunches and with your feet in the air and stuff, but like most things, I ran out of will power and gave up. So now of course I have a lump in front of me the size of a small child. I need to do something before I lose sight of my………

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