Curse My Tonsils!

I wish I’d had my tonsils out when I was smaller, it would have saved a lot of bother. I think it’s pretty rare to have tonsils removed these day, especially in an adult, so unless they go really bad I suppose I’m stuck with them.

My throat has been giving me problems all year, every month or so my throat feels rough and the glands around my neck swell up. At worst – and this past couple of weeks have been most unpleasant – I feel like my sinuses are about to explode. Or maybe the back of my head disintegrate. Or similar. And this is all caused by my tonsils, it appears.

A visit to the quack-shack¹ revealed that I have Cryptic Tonsils, which in English means ‘bloody big holes in the tonsils’. I had visions of deeply unpleasant things going on, but it seems fairly harmless, if uncomfortable.

I googled ‘tonsils’ to find a picture, and there are some nightmare tonsil pictures out there, so I don’t think my tonsils are all that bad.

¹ The doctor’s. Dr. Maurice is not a quack, btw. Taken from an episode of Brass Eye when someone describes an expensive Harley Street practise as a ‘top-whack quack shack’, which amused me.


3 thoughts on “Curse My Tonsils!

  1. Gemma says:

    I feel your pain! My tonsils give me absolute hell! Every month my throat hurts, and I am always constantly having sinus issues and getting ill because of the stupid things! D: I wish they’d take them out! In fact, I think it is within our rights to demand it 😛 FOR THE LOVE OF GOD REMOVE THEM DOCTORS! D:

    • That’s exactly how I feel!

      I’d love for them to be taken out… but I can’t bear the idea of surgery, I often pass out when injected (I think that’s a man thing). I’m just going to have to endure the pain, I suppose.

      • Gemma says:

        Yeah I think rather than the actual surgery the needles are the worst part of it! My boyfriend almost passed out because of a needle he had to have before a surgery, so it must be a man thing haha ;P I just hate being sick all the time, stupid useless tonsils! Btw thanks for subscribing! ^_^

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